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Legal is a valuable resource for individuals in North Carolina who are in need of legal assistance but may not have the means to afford private legal representation. The provides a range of to help ensure that has access to the support they need.

Services by Legal

Legal offers a variety of services to assist individuals with their legal needs. Some the provided include:

Service Description
Legal Advice Individuals can receive legal advice from qualified attorneys to help them understand their rights and options.
Representation Legal provides for in court proceedings, that they have a in the legal system.
Education Outreach The organization also offers educational programs and outreach initiatives to inform the public about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Impact Legal

Legal has a impact on the of many in North Carolina. A study, the has helped over people legal in the past year alone. Over 90% of reported being with the they from Legal

Case Jane`s Story

Jane, single of two, was eviction her due to a with her landlord. The to hire a attorney, Jane to Legal for help. Organization her with representation and helped her a with her landlord, her to in her home.

For like Jane, Legal has a lifeline, them with the they need to the system and their rights.

Get Involved

If are in of legal or like to the work of Legal, their at To more about the they and how can involved.

Top 10 Legal and about Legal Aid NC

Question Answer
1. What services does Legal Aid NC provide? Legal NC offers legal in matters to people. Cover a range of including family law, benefits, and rights.
2. How I for legal from Legal NC? To for from Legal NC, your must within limits and you have a issue falls the of law they cover. Also into other such as assets and type legal you have.
3. Is Legal NC for or they help businesses? Legal NC on legal to with income. They also help businesses in situations, in related to rights or housing.
4. Can Legal NC with matters? Legal NC does with immigration particularly that the and of families. They not be to with all of cases.
5. Are services by Legal NC free? Yes, the legal by Legal NC is of to clients. Are no for the they offer.
6. How I for from Legal NC? You for from Legal NC by their or by one of their They have an application for types of cases.
7. What the of the help by Legal NC? Legal NC has on the of they handle and the they to each client. May that all clients can help for their issues.
8. Can Legal NC me in court? Legal NC may be to for some matters, including of cases. Their to provide in may be based on such as the of and the of resources.
9. How Legal NC cases? Legal NC cases based on such as the of the issue, it on the client, the of a outcome. Also into their and the for their services.
10. Can I volunteer with Legal Aid NC to help provide legal assistance? Yes, Legal NC volunteer for law and who to help legal to individuals. Can a way to to the and gain legal experience.

Legal Aid Contract

Welcome to the legal between Legal Aid and client. Contract the and of legal provided by Legal Aid

Clause Description
1 Legal Aid to legal and to the in with the and of the of North Carolina.
2 The agrees to all information and to Legal Aid in a manner to the legal process.
3 Legal Aid maintain of client and not any information without the consent, as by law.
4 The agrees to with and to Legal Aid in to the legal and to with Legal Aid in all legal matters.
5 Legal Aid the to from legal if the to with the of this or if a of that Legal Aid from representation.
6 This be by the of the of North Carolina, and any from this be through in with the of the American Association.
7 This the between Legal Aid and the and any or written or oral.